Electrical Science Quiz – Advanced
advanced electrical quiz

Electrical Science Quiz – Advanced

Test your electrical science knowledge and find out if you are a super smart electrical engineer. The quiz contains 10 questions with only one possible answer. Answer correctly to all the questions to pass the test and get the Electrical Science Quiz – Advanced Diploma. Good Luck!


quiz diploma
quiz diploma

failed diploma quiz
failed diploma quiz

#1. Which of the following operating characteristics for DC motors is considered to give high starting torque?

#2. Which type of flux should be used when soldering electrical wire connections for electronic components on printed circuit boards?

#3. How is a wattmeter electrically connected in a circuit?

#4. If a unloaded DC compound motor's shunt field were weakened by rheostat resistance or by an open circuit, the motor would:

#5. In the construction of D.C. motors, parts of both the series and shunt fields are wound on the:

#6. An important factor in reducing D.C. motor commutator wear is:

#7. The standard method of controlling the output voltage of a 440 volt, 60 Hz, AC generator is accomplished by adjusting the:

#8. Loss of residual magnetism in an alternator or generator can be corrected for by:

#9. When paralleling two AC generators, the frequency (cycles) of the incoming generator, just prior to closing the circuit breaker, should be:

#10. You are attempting to parallel two AC generators, and the synchroscope pointer is revolving in the fast direction. This indicates that the frequency of the incoming machine is:


We hope you have enjoyed our Electrical Science Quiz – Intermediate test according to the latest standards.

Congratulations if you have passed the test! If you have not passed it check our theoretical, practical, and calculator articles to accumulate more electrical science knowledge.

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