Electrical Science Quiz – Beginner
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Electrical Science Quiz – Beginner

You have to answer correctly to all the questions to pass the test and get the Electrical Science Quiz – Beginner Diploma.


quiz diploma
quiz diploma

failed diploma quiz
failed diploma quiz

#1. The electrolyte in a lead-acid storage battery consists of distilled water and:

#2. An AC motor using a rheostat in the motor circuit to vary the speed is called a:

#3. The basic measuring unit of inductance is the:

#4. One factor that determines the frequency of an alternator is the:

#5. The number of cells in a 12 volt lead-acid battery is:

#6. A circuit breaker and a fuse have a basic similarity in that they both:

#7. A capacitor can be tested using a megohmmeter or an ohmmeter. If the meter is connected to a shorted capacitor, the meter pointer should:

#8. The reason some electric cables are formed of stranded wire is to:

#9. If a sinusoidal voltage wave is applied to an inductor, the voltage in the inductor:

#10. Incandescent lamps are classified according to:


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