Electrical Science Quiz – Intermediate
electrical science quiz

Electrical Science Quiz – Intermediate

Answer correctly to all the questions to pass the test and get the Electrical Science Quiz – Intermediate Diploma. There are 10 questions with only one possible answer.


quiz diploma
quiz diploma

failed diploma quiz
failed diploma quiz

#1. Nickel-cadmium batteries are superior to lead acid batteries at high discharge rates because they:

#2. The speed of a squirrel-cage induction motor is determined by the:

#3. A replacement wire having twice the length and one-half the cross-sectional area of the original wire will have a resistance that is:

#4. When securing an AC generator, you should FIRST:

#5. The voltage output of an AC generator is accurately controlled by:

#6. Decreasing the frequency in a capacitive circuit while maintaining a constant circuit voltage, will result in a/an:

#7. Equal power factors on paralleled AC generators are maintained by an automatic:

#8. Why is it a poor practice to use a high wattage soldering iron when soldering or desoldering components on a printed circuit board?

#9. When mixing electrolyte for a lead-acid storage battery:

#10. Excessive humming of AC contactors may be caused by:


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